HI my name is eddie and im gonna tell you some things you can do when you're bored. you see all those articles for normal people that say things like "read a book" or "clean your room" well youre not gonna find things like that on here!!!! hopefully!!!!! and by the way uh this is mostly more directed towards chronically online people but anyone can do the things on this list there is no restriction or boundaries here just go crazy. ok so lets get started yeyahaaaaa!!
1. try to find your missing 3ds
2. look through old notes in your notes app
3. if you're an artist then look through an old sketchbook
4. edit a picture of your favorite character beyond recognition
5. do random stuff in garageband if you have it i guess
6. open mspaint and start making an improvised low quality webcomic
7. open paint3d and create a scene of a dog doing A Terrible crime!!! or... something... i dunno lol
8. if you're not already a frequent animal jam player then play animal jam
9. build waffle house in minecraft
10. if you play roblox then go into roblox studio and use the free models to create a funny little town
11. if you are not already an fnf modder and dont know anything about how to do it then follow youtube tutorials and figure out how to make an fnf mod with psych engine because that engine is easy to use
12. write a movie script about an important time in your life!!!!!!!
13. try to look for some obscure music genres or artists
14. loop a song for like 15 minutes and imagine an awesome incredible animated music video in your head with your ocs or fav characters...................
15. ok just because this is a thing that must be done please clean off your desk / bedside table (please) (it only takes like 5 minutes i promise i believe in you)
16. if youre not a kinnie then make a kinlist (half-joking) (i will not explain further just just look it up if you want :insert crying emoji here: )
17. speaking of kinnies, make a carrd! if you dont already have one. but like if you do already have one you can make another one. (carrd.co) you can find a lot of tutorials on how to make one on youtube or whatever
18. download a free trial of a random program
19. if you arent someone who already uses pinterest then get pinterest. it has some odd things on there but uh for the most part its full of pretty pictures and ideas heehee
20. make a discord server for no reason you dont even have to invite anyone just make one (its fun sometimes trust me)
21. make like 3 or 4 different accounts on a social media then have them all follow each other and interact with each other and pretend theyre real people ha haha (is this something only i do.....................)
22. watch a video essay about a very odd or strange topic
23. stream nyakiye on spotify ok im joking im joking maybe not that one ........unless
24. download one of those 2016 anime bases and then draw over them in mspaint
25. ai dungeon
26. observe the chaos on pony.town
27. also a pony town one get your friends together and make matching ponies then go walk around together or something You could even have a little gimmick of some sort if you wanna come up with one of those
28. build waffle houese in minecraft again except this time there is a hell basement for some reason
29. Ok one more about minecraft for now Make a giant pit and fill it with chickens Then explode everything.
30. do those "what character are you" quizzes
31. listen to your old music playlists!!! or just songs you used to listen to!!!
32. drink water for real im dead serious Not a soda Not a juice just water.
33. if you use instagram then do story games
34. Speaking of instagram read my friends comic @donkeyismissing (OR READ IT ON WEBTOONS WHICH IS MORE PREFERABLE because the order is messed up on insta)
35. if you have ocs and you wanna organize them and you dont already have a toyhouse account then scavenge the internet to try and find one (or you could just like. ask someone politely.)
36. archive or delete your old posts on any website that you dont like you know you need to
37. if its 2 am for you PLEASE GO TO SLEEP OH MY GOODNESS
38. waste a marker and color an entire sheet of paper with it
39. ok i lied that wasnt the last minecraft one Ok so what ur gonna do is youre gonna make a creative world then spawn in a bunch of dogs and tame them, then u need to build a hotel for all the dogs and make sure they each have individual beds and names and rooms and make sure there are dispensers full of foods and cool things And you cant forget the dance floor that is an important part of the build
40. rewatch a show u used to love a lot